We Ask For Your Help to Get School Bags To 500 Children In Some of The Hardest Hit Areas in Northern Gaza. #MakeGazaChildrenSmile #GazaWaits With Israeli forces shooting live ammunition at unarmed protesters and Gaza suffering several airstrikes over the first week of October, the children in Gaza are in urgent need of our help! A relatively small amount of aid has arrived over this last year. Some areas have received no help at all and you can make a difference. Many children in Gaza still suffer from the loss of loved ones. Many do without proper sustenance, proper shelter, without clean water to drink, and without electricity to study by. 330,000 children are in need of socio-psychological care. Half a million children in Gaza returned to school this September and many still do not have basic school supplies. Last year's 51-day assault on Gaza left 258 schools and kindergartens damaged, including 26 schools that are beyond repair. It killed 539 children and injured 2,956, leaving many struggling with life-long disabilities and psychological trauma. [Cancer in Palestine: Children fight disease and occupation]One year after the ceasefire on August 26,2014, recovery remains slow. Gaza remains locked in and isolated by the Israeli blockade that continues to cut Gaza off from the world from land, sea and air. 500,000 Palestinian people are internally displaced and over 100,000 are homeless, and without employment are unable to provide for their own most basic needs.Objective:Justice Matters One Voice together with El - najada Palestinians Association aims to distribute school bags to 500 children throughout northern Gaza. Each school bag will contain the following items: 1 Pack of Notebook(11 / pk) 12 Pencils 1 Pencil Sharpener 1 RulerDistribution:School bags will be provided to 50 of the neediest children in 10 schools listed below: School Jabalia(a) School Jabalia(b) School Jabalia(c) School Girls Beit Lahiya School Halaab Girls School Beit Lahiya(a) School Beit Lahiya market School Beit Hanoun(a) School Beit Hanoun(b) School FakhuraAbout El - najadaEl - najad(aka najada) Palestinians Association is an official organization that is registered through the Palestinian Authority under the License #7206. Over the years they have also been provided aid through their participation in programs in collaboration with both US - and UK - AID / Mercy Corps, and have received Certificates of Appreciation for their work from both governments, as well as from the Palestinian Authority. The distribution of all goods will be facilitated by a group of volunteers that are residents of Gaza. 100% of the monies raised will go toward the purchase of all listed goods, but for minimal donation processing and wire transfer fees. This is our second fundraising campaign together with El - najada(view the final cut of our food parcel distribution follow up. It took place in Beit Hanoun on September 21,2015. It can be accessed via the photo gallery above).Source: youcaring. com