(Muslim Press) Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel doesn’t want to get into an adversarial relationship with Russia and is unsure how Moscow’s military intervention in Syria will impact the situation there.In an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, which will air on Sunday, Netanyahu made these statements, according to Reuters. The Israeli Prime Minster steered clear of criticizing Russia’s military action inside Syria. This is while the United States and other NATO members have been plainly speaking out against Russia’s interference in Syria. " We don ' t want to go back to the days when, you know, Russia and Israel were in an adversarial position, " Netanyahu said. " I think we ' ve changed the relationship. And it ' s, on the whole, good, " he added. Russia and Iran have been supporting Syrian President Bashar Al - Assad since the beginning of civil wars in the country.[Assad: Russia, Iran want stability, political solution in Syria] "I went to Moscow to make it clear that we should avoid a clash between Russian forces and Israeli forces," Netanyahu told Zakaria as quoted by Reuters.