(Muslim Press) - A school in central France has forced Muslim and Jewish students who do not eat pork, as well as vegetarians, to wear red and yellow discs around their necks.The Piedalloues primary school in Auxerre has forced eighteen students to wear the discs, so that cafeteria workers did not give them pork or meat. Parents of the students as well as local officials compared the practice to wearing yellow stars, as forced by the Nazis, According to the Telegraph. “When we learned about it, we fell out of our chairs, ” director of communications in the mayor’s office said.Recommended:60% of prison population in France are Muslim France has a long history of forcing Muslims and Jews to wear different clothes. Along with the yellow star, the discs are perhaps most reminiscent of the "Jew hats" in France and Italy during the 11th and 12th centuries; the pointed caps were forced by the Fourth Council of the Lateran of 1215. Pork in schools has become a high-profile debate in France, which has enforced secularism as national policy. France is thought to have the largest Muslim and Jewish populations in Europe, although its secularism laws prevent the government from collecting data on religious affiliation. While alternatives to pork have been offered across much of France since the 1980s, far-right critics have argued that providing such options in the first place is pandering to the Jewish and Muslim minority, and a slight against the country's national secularist character.