Muslimpress: Following the tragedy in Mecca and death of over 130 Iranian pilgrims, Iran’s president has urged the U. N to investigate the matter. Moreover, Iran’s Supreme Leader has also called Al-Saud responsible for the deaths. The incident is the deadliest to hit the Hajj in 25 years, with 769 people dead, more than 130 of them from Iran. This is while, Saudi's most senior cleric has defended the authorities, saying the stampede was "beyond human control"; whereas, the Saudi Foreign Minister is accusing Iran over the incident. President Rouhani described the crush as "heart-rending". As well as the fatalities, 934 people were injured. The rage tolled when in a week three tragedies in Mecca killed pilgrims and Muslims believe that as a sign of Saudis incompetence and inability to manage the holy site.