Muslimpress:Following the three deadly incidents in Mecca, more Islamic countries are criticizing Al - Saud over the deaths. Iran has led growing criticism of Saudi Arabia after at least 717 people died and 863 were injured in a stampede near the holy city of Mecca on Thursday. Iran's Supreme National Security Council accused the Saudis of "incompetence" and urged them to "take responsibility" for the deaths. Nigeria has dismissed remarks by the Saudi health minister blaming pilgrims for "not following instructions". This is while some days before that another 150 people were killed when a crane crashed near the holy site of Mecca. Also, on Friday a deadly fire in Egyptian tents in Mina holy site some other people were injured. The incidents which all happened in a week clearly can be sign on incompetence of the governing regime and that is why the Islamic world is filled with rage over Al-Saud.