Muslimpress:While Muslims were performing Hajj in Mecca in a stampede near Mecca over 717 people were killed. This is while another 863 people were injured in the incident at Mina, which occurred as two million pilgrims were taking part in the Hajj's last major rite. The supreme leader of Iran, which lost at least 95 of its citizens in the crush, has criticized Saudi Arabia's preparedness. It is the second disaster to strike Mecca in two weeks, after a crane collapsed at the Grand Mosque, killing 109 people. The incident happened when people were going towards the direction of throwing the stones while others were coming from the opposite direction. Then it became chaotic and suddenly people started going down. People were just climbing on top of others in order to move to a safer place and that's how some people died. The civil defense directorate said the victims were of "different nationalities", without providing details.