(Muslim Press) - F. B. I. has recovered personal emails that Hillary Clinton said had been deleted from the personal account she used when she was secretary of state, according to officials.The F. B. I. has been looking into how the former secretary of state handled secret information while in office, and has been able to recover the emails containing secret information. The officials didn ' t want to be identified while talking about this investigation. when confronted with this crisis, Hillary Clinton and her lawyer said the emails were deleted last year. In March, she was asked to give the server to a third party to determine whether it contained all of the work - related emails.Recommended:Clinton’s lead over Sanders grows in national poll Mrs. Clinton’s lawyer, David E. Kendall, said in response to the request that there was no reason to hand over the server because there was nothing on it. He said that after Mrs. Clinton’s aides had reviewed the emails, a setting on the server was changed so that only emails sent in the previous 60 days would be retained, according to the New York Times. But in August, Mrs. Clinton authorized her aides to hand the server to investigators. Computer forensic experts have said that if the change in the server setting was the only measure taken, it would be fairly easy for F.B.I. agents who specialize in recovering deleted information from computers to retrieve the messages.