Muslimpress:A former top Saudi official said that no Arab - Israeli cooperation can exist as long as the conflict with the Palestinians remains unresolved. The statement came after denying recent claims by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu regarding a new era in Israel’s relations with Sunni Arab states. Speaking at an event hosted by King’s College London and Georgetown University titled “What should the world do about ISIS and the challenge from violent extremism?” Prince Turki al-Faisal, who served as Saudi Arabia’s chief of intelligence until 2001 and then as ambassador to the United Kingdom and the United States, said there could be no cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Israel “as long as Palestine is occupied by Israel.” “Tell Mr. Netanyahu not to propagate false information,” Faisal said at the Thursday panel session, when asked to address Netanyahu’s reference to a “sea change” in Israel’s relations with Sunni Arab states following the rise in Islamist radicalism in neighboring Arab countries. “As long as Palestine is occupied by Israel, there’s not going to be cooperation between Saudi Arabia or Sunni states with Israel. That [the Palestinian issue] is the primary issue for all of us in our relationship with Israel,” he said.