(Muslim Press) - ISIS group has opened a clinic on July 13 in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul to trade human organs, the spokesman for the Kurdistan Democratic Party(KDP) in Mosul says.“They named the clinic after former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. The surgeries are performed by Daesh doctors. Gunmen seize the organs of local people and sell them to wealthy clients, ” Russia’s Sputnik news agency quoted Saeed Mamuzini as saying on Friday.Recommended:ISIS ties dozens to streetlight poles in IraqRampant poverty and unemployment in Mosul have forced residents to sell their organs so that they can survive, the KDP official said. “Most of the population in Mosul is in utter poverty. Some of the residents are forced to sell their body parts so that they don’t starve to death, ” he stated. “The captives are jailed and threatened with death, or they are promised to be freed in exchange for a particular organ. The terrorists buy organs for four million dinars(approximately $3,500) but sell them at a much higher price, ” he stated, adding, “We also know that ISIS militants have sent organs to Syria. ”Recommended:ISIS leaders marry young boys in Iraq’s Mosul