Muslimpress:Following the continuous attacks from Kurd militias and anti - ISIS airstrikes, it is believed that the area will soon be wiped out of ISIS fighters. ISIS is crumbling thanks to air strikes and the heroic efforts of Brit-trained Kurd fighters, claims a top Army officer. However, the murderous terror group's sickening ideology is still a threat to the UK because there are an estimated 3,000 home-grown extremists willing to carry out atrocities on our streets. In Syria and Iraq, an estimated 8,000 of Islamic State's roughly 18,000 fighters have been wiped out by a pounding airstrike campaign by the US-led coalition and Kurdish militias. The RAF alone is believed to have killed 330 Islamic State militants since the campaign began and British Special Forces are training the Kurds. A source in the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa in Syria said: “Things are changing.” "Here people are starting to rebel. Little things in the streets. They talk back to the religious police, even alcohol is being made in private.” "It wasn't like this one month ago. I think they (ISIS) are starting to struggle, particularly here.” "The airstrikes are causing them problems, they struggle to operate in the open, the executions are less regular." Now a British Brigadier James Learmont says the group's "aura of invincibility" is falling away. He said: "The tide of the battle is turning against IS. People recognize that they can be defeated and I think people now know that they will ultimately be defeated."