(Muslim Press) - Lisa Borch, a 15 - year - old girl that has been obsessed with ISIS beheading videos, killed her mother a few minutes after watching murder of Haines and Alan Henning by the terrorist group.According to reports, her mother was fatally stabbed over 20 times with a kitchen knife after Teenager Lisa Borch watched brutal online videos of ISIS beheading two British hostages.Recommended:Children trained to behead dolls by ISIS takfiri terroristsTine Römer Holtegaard, a painter who lived in Kvissel, rural Denmark with her husband and twin daughters was found covered in blood at her home in October last year. Police said Borch seemed disinterested when they told her that her mother was dead. They later found out that she had been watching ISIS beheading videos. The fingerprints of Borch’s 29 - year - old boyfriend were also found at the scene. Borch and her boyfriend were then found guilty of murder. She was sentenced to nine years imprisonment and her boyfriend was sentenced to 13 years in prison.Recommended:Eating human flesh is allowed during war, says ISIS