(Muslim Press) - Israeli troops clashed with dozens of Palestinians at the Al - Aqsa Mosque compound for a third consecutive day on Tuesday.Police entered the compound in large numbers, located on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, while Palestinian protesters were gathering at the site overnight to prevent the closure of the mosque by Israeli forces, AFP reported. The protesters had prepared barricades to prevent one of the doors of the mosque from being closed, at the same time Israeli police responded with stun grenades. Israeli police raid entrance to Al - Aqsa Mosque and in an effort to prevent them from entering the mosque Palestinian protesters threw stones at them. Yesterday,Israeli forces attacked Al - Aqsa mosque compoundfor the second consecutive day on Monday, which caused 2 Palestinians to get injured. Sunday morning, Dozens of Israeli soldiers and police officers broke into the courtyards of the Al - Aqsa Mosque in the occupied Jerusalem and fired grenades on Palestinian worshipers.