Muslimpress:As the Russian support for Syria and Assad gets more tangible, German Chancellor announced the country’s readiness to cooperate with Russia to help Syria.German Chancellor Angela Merkel said yesterday she believes Germany and other western European powers need to work with Russia as well as the United States to solve the crisis in Syria. On the other hand, Foreign Minister Frank - Walter Steinmeier met with his Russian, French and Ukrainian counterparts in Berlin on Saturday evening and said afterwards he saw growing support for creating an international contact group to solve the Syrian conflict. Earlier, a delegation source said Steinmeier and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had a lengthy exchange about Syria on the sidelines of the meeting, with both agreeing to support the U. N. Syrian envoy, Staffan de Mistura ' s plan to create a Syrian contact group. Russia had called on Friday for cooperation with the United States to avoid " unintended incidents ", as it stages naval exercises off the coast of Syria, where U. S. officials believe Moscow is building up forces to protect long - term ally President Bashar al - Assad. Moreover, the latest reports show that two Russian aid carrying planes have landed in Syria today.Recommended:Russian aid carrying planes arrive in Syria The Russian cargo planes were carrying 80 tons of humanitarian aid as analysts say that without the Kremlin’s backing, President Assad may have fallen by now.