Muslimpress:Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, in his lecture in Tehran said the country is not willing to cooperate with the U. S in any other field besides the nuclear deal. The supreme Leader said the plan to agree with Iran’s deal is a trick of the U.S to influence the country and penetrate into the decisions. He also added: “We are ready to talk to any country, except U.S.” Talking about the illegality of the Israel, the leader said: “Some Zionists have said, Israel is free from the Iran’s threat at least for 25 years, based on the signed deal.” “I tell them, there would be no Israel within 25 years, and you will not see that far future,” he continued. Moreover, the leader mentioned the raise in the mood for fighting Zionism in the country and the need for a great and powerful election in the country. Iran is going hold parliament and presidential election in 2016.