Muslimpress:Based on the reports from Yemen, the Houthi militias have found a house full of weapons and explosive. Also some related terrorists have been arrested. Unknown numbers of terrorists allied to Saudi loyalist were arrested in the capital city Sanaa and a massive cache of weaponry and explosives hidden in a house. A security source told the ‘News of Yemen’ that members of this terrorist group were under surveillance for days. The source added that ‘by integration and investigation with members of this cell they found out a plan to spread chaos in Sanaa and attack security forces and vital areas in coordination with Saudi airstrikes’. The cache of weapons, hidden inside the house included 300 hand-grenade 50 boxes of ammunition, 60 Law shoulder rockets, 20 grenade launchers, Mortars cannon, Masks, hair wigs, night vision goggles and dozens of guns and kilos of explosive material.