(Muslim Press) - Qatar sent around 1,000 ground soldiers backed by over 200 armored vehicles and 30 Apache helicopters to Yemen’s Maareb province.Qatari troops have been sent to Yemen as part of the Saudi - led coalition against Houthi fighters with the aim of taking control over the Jawf governorate, Al - Jazeera reported. The ground troops were backed by 200 armored vehicles and 30 Apache helicopters and are reportedly joining the Saudi forces already fighting in Yemen, an Al - Jazeera journalist reported from the Saudi - Yemen border. A few days ago,Saudi Arabia launched its first ground attack against Yemensince it began an extensive number of airstrikes in March targeting Houthi positions. Since the beginning of Saudi Arabia’s military attacks against Yemen, over 4,300 people have been killed, according to the World Health Organization. Local Yemeni sources, however say the death toll is much higher.Recommended:Yemen children’s hospital to shut down due to shortages