Muslimpress:After a video was published on networks about the dead body of a 3 year - old child in Turkish border, many people realized the cruelty being imposed to refugees. The event also received wide media attention but what about the other hundred children being killed in Syria and Lebanon and the condition that makes people leave their own country. The body of a little boy washes up in the surf on a Turkish beach is photographed and broadcast around the world. The world is appalled. But what if the world were to see the real scale of the sectarian civil war dismembering the Arab world? About 12,000 children have been killed in Syria alone. Twelve thousand children. This is the estimate of both the Oxford Research Group and the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights. The United Nations has a smaller but still horrific estimate. What if the world were to see the faces of the thousands of young girls abducted and raped by members of Islamic State? The harshness imposed on locals in Iraq, Syria and Palestine and the shortage they are facing. A recent report showed that over 50 percent of children in these countries have left school, whether because of lack of school facilities or schools being destroyed in war or because they see no bright future. Why nobody cares about the crisis in these countries that forces families to decide to leave their country and bear the difficulties and the dangers of migration? Even the condition in refugees’ camps is so awful that some try to escape the camps and some others try to walk for miles in search for a better future. Is this fair to only see one child among the hundreds of them being killed innocent? Why the world does not care? And how much longer innocent people and among them children must die because of the greediness of the politicians or because the others do not care???