(Muslim Press) - The refugee problem is here to stay and the sooner we accept it, the sooner we will be able to respond effectively, EU foreign affairs head Federica Mogherini said on Saturday.After a two - day meeting of EU foreign ministers, Federica Mogherini said the refugee influx, which has opened deep divisions in the bloc, is here to stay and member states must adjust to that new reality. “It affects all of us. A few months ago, it was Italy, Greece and Malta. Now it is Hungary and it could(be the) turn of other member states in the future, ” Mogherini said.Recommended:Palestinian girl who wept before Merkel gets residency permitWhile referring to the recentIran nuclear deal, she said even long standing problems could eventually be resolved. She added that the issue was hugely important for the future of the EU, which should remember that some other countries were doing much more. “The EU must connect the dots – to deal with the problem from start to finish by pushing peace efforts in Syria, Libya and working with transit countries such as Niger. ” Over 2,000 people have died this year while attempting to cross the Mediterranean. A few days ago,dead body of a three - year - old Syrian boywas found on a beach in Turkey that caused a great deal of outrage and condemnation of EU’s current policy.Recommended:Billionaire’s crazy idea to solve refugee problems