Muslimpress:As Austria and Germany government accepted to welcome some refugees in their country, the migrant trains started carrying people from Serbia borders to Europe. The latest news show that the first train carrying 167 migrants from Austria to Germany has arrived in Munich. Police say the train arrived in the Bavarian capital at 10:25 a.m. (0825 GMT). The migrants were among a larger group who had traveled by bus from Hungary to Austria. Federal police spokesman Simon Hegewald said a specially chartered train from Salzburg, Austria, with several hundred migrants on board was expected in Munich around noon. This is while some other refugees declared on Saturday morning that will walk to EU, after their attempt of getting into the trains failed. Moreover, German Chancellor Angela Merkel yesterday said there is no legal limit to the number of asylum seekers her country can receive. Merkel said in an interview: "the right to political asylum has no limits on the number of asylum seekers." She says that "as a strong, economically healthy country we have the strength to do what is necessary" and ensure every asylum seeker gets a fair hearing.