(Muslim Press) - A Palestinian girl faced deportation who started crying during a televised debate with German Chancellor Angela Merkel has received a residency permit for “humanitarian reasons. ”Merkel expressed sympathy when 14 - year - old Reem told her in fluent German that she and her family who arrived in Germany from a Lebanese refugee camp were threatened with deportation.Recommended:Israeli settlers burn Palestinian baby to deathMerkel said that Germany couldn’t manage to give shelter to all those fleeing war and poverty. Then a few minutes later, Reem burst into tears and the chancellor tried to comfort her. Critics and social media activists described the way Merkel was stroking the girl’s head and comforting her as ‘awkward and cold’. “Reem and her family received residency permits for humanitarian reasons, ” The Rostock City Hall said in a statement, “These permits are valid until March 2016. ”Recommended:Israeli soldier holding Palestinian boy at gunpoint[Photos]