Muslimpress:The ‘Power of Sarallah’ maneuver began in Tehran last night and it is still going on with over 50,000 participants.Meanwhile, the head of Iran’s IRGC, Commander Mohammad Ali Jafari, said on Thursday that over 3000 of the participants are from Iran’s Cyber Army. Also, the Second in Command, Shaabani, told reporters: “the aim of the drill is security and over 230 different army corps have participated the event. ” He also referred to the Supreme Leader’s words in Mashhad and said: “We want our people to be in safety and hold such maneuvers to give them the mental peace and security. ” He continued: “People based army(Besij) and such drills mean that people beside their daily occupations must get ready for different operations which are preplanned to them. “ The drill began on Thursday morning in Tehran and is set to finish at night.

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