Muslimpress:As the maneuver of IRGC in Tehran approaches, a member of Islamic committee said the aim of Basij in Iran is familiarizing the youth with the mottoes of Iran revolution. The member of Islamic committee in Tehran, Mohsen Pirhadi, said on Wednesday the ‘Power of Sarallah’ maneuver is going to teach the youth the initial mottoes of Islamic revolution in Iran. He also said the maneuver is set to tell the enemies in the region and the world that Iran is ready and awakened. The official also expressed his satisfaction over the number of the participants in the maneuver in Tehran and said: “so many other people longed to take part in the drill but the spatial limitations did not allow us to approve that.” He added: “the great range of the participants from different backgrounds and occupations show the safety and resistance mood in the country and encourages the fight against enemies.”