Turkey set airstrikes against ISIS positions which extended to those of Kurdistan Worker’s party (PKK) in northern Iraq. After the two-year ceasefire between Turkey and the PKK, last night’s attack took the region back to the former conflicting periods, while Ankara announced that the reason behind the attacks was to put an end to the ISIS extremism. According to Ahmet Davutoglu's office, Turkish PM, jet fighters attacked PKK targets in many positions in northern Iraq, such as warehouses and"logistic points". Turkish operations were launched after the country agreed to permit U.S. to have airstrikes against ISIS terrorists from its two airbases near the borders of Syria. Since mid-2014, U.S. started airstrikes by using Gulf countries like Iraq and Jordan. Later on, Turkey provided them with its airbases which led others accuse it of letting foreigners pass through the country to attack Syria to overthrow President Bashar Assad. Earlier, after Obama’s phone call to Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday they affirmed that they are ready to fight against terrorism and secure Turkey’s border with Syria. But, actually, their cooperation is not limited to ISIS but is also focused on anti-Kurd movements. After the First Gulf War (1990-91) the Kurds tried to establish the KRG (Kurdish Regional Government in Northern Iraq) after which the U.S. government was threatened as Condoleezza Rice called it “New Middle East”. Kurds are threatened by both ISIS and Turkish forces as some 100 people got wounded ISIS suicide bombing attacks in the mostly Kurdish town of Suruc. Kurds have been fighting ISIS terrorists, who are fighting against minorities. Firstly, turkey was interested in the Sykes-Picot-inspired map of the Middle East, including independent Kurdistan with the city of Diyarbakir in south-eastern Turkey. Even after resisting the U.S.-led coalition, it was announced by both U.S. and Turkish sources that they agree on the coalition against ISIS. But the question is that why are most of the attacks focused on Kurdish settlements? After all, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan confirmed that the country will let U.S. use the Incirlik air base near the city of Adana in southern Turkey for the c military operation against ISIS considering it to be “within a certain framework.” The Kurds are is one of the largest ethnic groups without ay state in the world. Kurds settle on borders with of Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey. This article originally appeared on MojNews.