(Muslim Press) - ISIS takfiri militants on Saturday detained over 70 and tied dozens, including tribal leaders, in a western Iraqi town to streetlight poles as a punishment, officials say.The extremist group cracked down a remote western Iraqi town after local residents protested against the execution of Munir al - Kobeisi, a civil servant, for killing an ISIS member. “A pair of roadside bombs killed five people and wounded 19 south and west of Baghdad on Saturday, ” the officials added. All officials spoke on condition of anonymity due to not being authorized to speak to the media.[Children trained to behead dolls by ISIS takfiri terrorists] It’s been over a month since the launch of military offensive in Anbar, yet ISIS continues to control much of the western province. The terrorist group has been using roadside bombs, suicide bombings, and booby traps, which makes it very difficult for the Iraqi army to win ground against them.