Muslim Press - Saudi Arabia ' s ground troops have advanced into Yemen ' s northern regions in a bid to push back against growing retaliatory attacks by Yemeni forces on Saudi soil, a military official says.This is Saudi Arabia ' s first ground attack since it started an extensive number of airstrikes in March targeting Houthi positions. Saudi ground troops have entered northern Yemen and have taken some areas under their control in the invasion, Brigadier General Ahmed Assiri, a Saudi military spokesperson, said on Wednesday. After a recent attack of Houthi fighters on Saudi positions, Saudi Arabian forces advanced into and took control of two areas in Saada province, sources said. " Since Saudi Arabia launched its military attacks against Yemen on March 26, over 4,300 people have been killed, " the World Health Organization said on August 11. Local Yemeni sources, however say the death toll is much higher.Recommended:Saudi Arabia to suffer defeat in Yemen, says Hassan Nasrallah