Muslimpress:On Monday a report was published by Amnesty International which was claiming that Saudi has hit a new record in beheading people. This is while only two days after the report the documents show that the kingdom has executed four more people. “The day after this moratorium was urged, four more people were executed - three Saudis for murder and a Syrian for drug smuggling,” Independent reported. Saudi Arabia has also received criticism for executing people for offences that do not meet the definition of "most serious crimes" for which capital punishment can be given under international law, such as drug-related offences. This is while nearly half of the 2,208 people executed in the kingdom since 1985 were foreign nationals - some of whom were denied proper translators, leaving them forced to sign documents, including confessions, which they did not understand. The previous reported claimed that around one person is executed every two days in Saudi Arabia, mostly by having their head cut off with a sword in public. This is while executing criminals is against the international law and doing so in public even makes the situation worse. The report also said: “The country's Sharia-based justice system lacks a criminal code, meaning definitions of crimes and their punishment are often left widely open to the interpretation of judges. Judges can also use their discretion in sentencing, often leading to huge discrepancies between punishments.”