Muslim Press - Syrian army continued its strikes against terrorists’ hideouts and positions on Thursday, destroying their vehicles and equipment and killing scores of them. HomsThe Army Air Force attacked and destroyed takfiri ISIS terrorists’ vehicles and dens of at Wadi al - Mask in the countryside of Homs province, SANA reported.Idleb, HamaDozens of ISIS fighters killed and injured, their arms destroyed by Army Air Force’s attacks against their dens in Abu al - Duhour, Freike, al - Sermanya and the vicinity of Zayzoun station in the countryside of the two provinces of Idleb and Hama.DaraaAn army unit killed Daesh(ISIS) terrorists of Jabhat al - Nusra and destroyed their weapons at the western neighborhood of Bosra al - Sham in the eastern countryside of Daraa Province.Aleppo An army unit killed 46 terrorists in al-Sayyed Ali area in Aleppo city.