Muslimpress:Based on a new study what kids watch actually affect their behavior and sexual life. Many parents have concerns about their children being exposed to sex and violence in films, and a recent study suggests that parents’ worst fears about Hollywood films might be valid. The research, which was published in Psychological Science, found that movie content can impact a teen’s sexual decisions down the road. The researchers tracked the sexual content of movies released between 1998 and 2004, and then they asked teens which of the popular films they had seen. Six years later, they followed up with these same students, and their findings were troubling. According to the researchers, the teens who had seen sexually charged films were more likely to have lost their virginity earlier, more likely to have multiple partners, and also more likely to practice unsafe sex. Teens who had not viewed such sexual content were less likely to have such sexual experiences. Indeed, sexual content in movies can increase teen’s curiosity and learning about sex from the movies can be dangerous and even and can also be very confusing and intimidating for them. So the best way to help our kids is to monitor what they watch and expose them do learning useful subjects and, in fact, fill their time in better ways. Giving a child religious experience can also help them. Since in religion people can learn about life and that can actually be helpful in making big decisions later on.