Muslim Press - A new poll reveals that Republican Party presidential candidate Donald Trump has got the support of a third of Republican voters, which is five times the support for Jeb Bush, in New Hampshire.Having been in the limelight for the past several month, American real estate developer and billionaire businessman Donald Trump is currently supported by more than a third of Republican voters, which is approximately five times the support for Jeb Bush or Scott Walker in New Hampshire, a fresh Public Policy Polling(PPP) poll shows. “The poll finds Donald Trump in the strongest position of any poll we ' ve done anywhere since he entered the race, ” PPP said on Tuesday. “Trump laps the Republican field with 35 percent to 11 percent for John Kasich. ”Recommended:El Chapo offers $100 million bounty for Donald Trump dead Or alive! Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina has moved up to third place in New Hampshire with 10 percent, while frontrunners Bush and Scott Walker have both dropped to 7 percent, the poll revealed. “To give an idea of how fundamentally the contest has shifted over the last four months none of Trump, Kasich, and Fiorina weren't even included in the horse race question when we last polled the state in April,” according to PPP.