Muslim Press - Set to premiere on August 26,2015, Majid Majidi’s multimillion - dollar film tells the story of Islamic prophet Muhammad’s early childhood.An Iranian film to be released as“Muhammad: The Messenger of God”directed by Majid Majidi marks the country’s biggest - budget production to date. The film is the first part of the planned trilogy revolving around the life of the Prophet. Barring a few scenes filmed in South Africa, the majority of the filming was done at a colossal set constructed near the city of Qom, Iran. The film was officially announced in October 2011 and its filming was finished by 2013. The cinematography is done by Vittorio Storaro and film score is composed by A. R. Rahman. Muhammad al - Mustafa, known as the last Prophet of God by Muslim scholars, was born in Mecca, Arabia, on 570 AD. Prophet Muhammad(God’s blessings be upon him) was born in the family of Banu Hashim, of the tribe of Quraysh, who were the most honored of the Arab families. Banu Hashim were descendants of Ismael, the son of Prophet Abraham. The film have put a lot of efforts to show a true image of Islam and Prophet Muhammad, contrasting the prophet’s portrayal of Moustapha Akkad’s 1976 “The Message”, starring Anthony Quinn, which sparked controversy in Muslim countries. Ticket prices of“Muhammad: The Messenger of God” have gone up after Iranian populace showed enormous desire to watch the film.