Muslimpress:As Iran and the world six powers reached an agreement last month, Britain decided to reopen its embassy in Tehran. While, the debate about opening the Britain embassy in Tehran was going on for some months, finally the country decided to reopen the embassy. Britain Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond visited Iran on Sunday to reopen the embassy. In his two day visit, Hammond held a news conference and talked to Iran’s FM and president. The reopening of the embassy is a striking signal of how Western ties with Iran have thawed since protesters stormed the compound nearly four years ago. In his news conference with, Mohammad Javd Zarif, Iran’s Foreign Minister, Hammond said: "Iran is an important power in the region and it is in everybody's interest that Iran is engaged in the region as a responsible actor in favor of regional stability." The top British diplomat urged patience with the process. "Lets walk first and try to run later," Hammond said adding that "we will have to overcome a deficit of trust." In his visit to Tehran he also talked to, Hassan Rouhani, Iran’s president and other officials. It was the first visit to Iran by a British foreign secretary since 2003. Hammond in his previous talks had also mentioned that the Deal and the reopening of the embassy could mean a new chapter of relations between the two countries.