Muslimpress:As Iran deal with six world powers is being reviewed in U. S senate the fear of a veto has increased, whereas the total support of Harry Reid on Sunday is counted as a good sign for Obama’s administration. “At the end of the day, there is no doubt in my mind that the threat of Iran gaining a nuclear weapon — the one outcome we all agree is unacceptable — is far more likely if Congress rejects this agreement,” Reid said. Harry Reid, the Senate Minority Leader, declared his support for resident Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran. In an interview with the Washington Post, Reid said he was “cautiously optimistic” that there would be enough Democratic support to sustain any veto from Obama. His counterpart in the House – Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California – has also confidently predicted that Obama’s veto won’t be overridden. Moreover, in his statement, Reid made a forceful case for protecting the nuclear agreement, which he argued was the “best path” to halting Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. He dismissed arguments from opponents of the Iran deal that the Obama administration should go back and try to secure a better deal, calling that notion “fantasy.” “First, this is a good agreement on the merits and a diplomatic solution is certainly less costly in American blood and treasure than any possible military option,” Reid said. “Second, if the Senate rejects this agreement, the international community will not support an attempt to secure another and they will not support the sanctions regime.” While, some believe it’s possible that there are enough Senate Democratic votes in favor of the deal to prevent a resolution of disapproval of reaching 60 votes, others hope they can get the possibility to veto the deal so they can overcome Obama and Democrats as the election approaches.