Muslimpress:As the fighting tolls in Syria, many decided to migrate to EU countries in search for better life conditions, this was while there has been some trouble in Macedonian border. Last week, hundreds of migrants who were mainly from Syria moved toward Macedonian border in order to reach Serbia. Although, neither Macedonia nor Serbia are not part of EU but once you pass the countries you will be able to enter Hungary. As migrants enter Hungary they can move to other EU countries, except U.K and Ireland, where they can find shelter and food. This is however, as the migrants approached the Macedonia’s border the police hinder them from entering the country and that caused some trouble and clashes between police and the migrants. The Macedonia’s police even used stun grenades on hundreds of the refugees who were trying to force their way through the border. Among the refugees were 7,000 men, women and children. Moreover, on Saturday and Sunday some more refugees arrived. The matter was so tense that on Thursday Macedonia declared a state of emergency. Finally, after days of trouble Macedonia’s government decided to let the refugees in the country on Sunday, when over 1,500 migrants were allowed in. On the Serbian side of the frontier, UNHCR said it was working with local authorities and charities to provide shelter and food for the new arrivals, but that more supplies were needed, including "sleeping mats, blankets, tents and accommodation halls". Also, the reports show that nearly 340,000 migrants have arrived in the EU in the first seven months of this year.