In an effort to implement a series of political reform Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi decided Sunday morning to eliminate the post of Vice President and other high - ranking positions, and reduce the excessive number of official bodyguards.A statement from Abadi’s office read that “The posts of Vice President and deputy prime minister would be eliminated immediately, ” This decision removes Nouri al - Maliki as Vice President, a post he has been occupying since he was forced to step down as prime minister last year, Rudaw reported.Recommended:30,000 civilians wounded, 15,000 killed in Iraq: UNThe statement said that the number of bodyguards of ministers, members of parliament as well as President, parliamentary speaker and prime minister would be shrunk. According to the statement, the bodyguards, “Would be moved to the defense or interior ministry based on their training where they will defend the country and its people, ” Abadi’s decision comes days after Iraqis have taken to the streets across the country, demanding better services and an end to corruption.Recommended:US wants Iraq to prosecute top ISIS leader’s wife The Iraqi prime minister’s decision reads that “all special payment to government committees and retired officials would be revoked and instead would be taken into account fairness, professionalism and expertise,” The statement reads that ministries, managerial and consultancy positions would be purged of political and sectarian appointments. “A grand committee set up by the prime minister will select candidates based on skill, transparency and domestic and international experience,” said the statement from Abadi’s office. Abadi has asked members of parliament to approve his decree in order to start its implementation across all government institutions.