Muslim Press - Local sources in the Syrian city of Al - Raqqah say ISIS terrorist group has restricted local access to television.Activists in Al - Raqqah announced that Daesh(ISIS) has banned residents of the city from watching TV except for Fridays. According to sources, residents are only permitted to use their TV sets for listening to Quran on Fridays.Recommended:Eating human flesh is allowed during war, says ISISNot long ago, the terrorist group restricted access to the internet for local residents of Al - Raqqah by forcing internet service providers to limit the availability time of their services from 9 a. m. to 5 p. m. Daesh(ISIS) punishes those who do not obey this law. It is worth noting that residents of Syria’s Al - Raqqah have been facing many problems since ISIS took control of the city.Recommended:ISIS leaders marry young boys in Iraq’s Mosul