Billionaire Republican presidential contender Donald Trump has unveiled a controversial peace proposal for the strife - torn holy land: give the U. S. island territory of Puerto Rico to the Palestinians as compensation.According to the so - called “Trump Solution, ” rolled out by the outspoken business magnate at a Manhattan press conference, the U. S. would fund the relocation of all four or so million Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to the Caribbean archipelago, and offer them “free housing, job training and a lifetime supply of deodorant, ” according to The Mideast Beast.Recommended:El Chapo offers $100 million bounty for Donald Trump dead Or alive!“It’s perfect. Puerto Rico is over 1,000 square miles bigger than the West Bank and Gaza, far more fertile, and the influx of millions of migrants will jumpstart its economic recovery, ” Trump explained. Unlike native Puerto Ricans, however, the so - called “Puertostinians” would not be able to relocate to the U. S. proper if they don’t like their new homeland: “We’re overrun by Mexican criminals as it is. ”Welcome to ‘Trump Gaza’ The real estate mogul then unraveled a relabeled map of Puerto Rico, pointing to where he plans to build an adults-only mega resort on the archipelago’s second largest island, to be renamed ‘Isla De Gaza.’ While Puerto Rico’s governor slammed the ‘Trump Solution’ as racist (“we refuse to become a minority in our own land”), Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas responded by offering Trump some humor-laced advice: “From one old man to another, it’s time to age gracefully – all that fake tan, collagen and Viagra are rotting your brain.”