While the number of cyber - attacks against the US continues to grow, the Federal Bureau of Investigation appears to be unable to hire an adequate number of computer scientists to providing top - notch cybersecurity for the country.The FBI Next Generation Cyber Initiative program has been unable to attract sufficient job applicants because of low wages, an internal watchdog report shows. The average salary offered to a cybersecurity expert by FBI is significantly lower than that offered to candidates in the private sector, according to the Office of the Inspector General, Sputnik reported.
“We found that the FBI faces challenges when competing with the private sector to hire and retain highly qualified cybersecurity personnel, including computer scientists, ” Inspector General Michael Horowitz stated in a video attached to the report.
The Bureau spent $314 million on the program in 2014, which included 1,333 full - time workers, but only 52 computer specialists had been hired by the end of January, 2015. There were 134 vacancies for that position when the program was launched in 2012.Recommended:China cyber - war costing American business billions: FBI chiefThe IG’s report also revealed there are no computer experts at five out of 56 FBI offices nationwide, even though there are cyber task forces set up at all branches.
“The FBI has also had difficulty attracting state and local law enforcement agencies to participate in these local Cyber Task Forces, ” Horowitz added.
The Bureau is prohibited from hiring anyone who has used marijuana in the previous three years, or used other kinds of drugs in the last ten. Reuters reported a large number of qualified professionals lost their chance to land the job because of that measure. The US Justice Department has declared cybersecurity across the country to be one of Washington’s most important objectives, as the number of hack attacks in the US has increased dramatically in recent years. According to statistics, roughly 22 million US citizens, or 7 percent the country’s population, have been affected by such attacks, Reuters reported.