The king of Saudi Arabia ' s trip to France has sparked fresh controversy after female police officers were reportedly withdrawn from duties on the Riviera beach where he is staying. King Salman began his three-week holiday in France last week. But the trip to his seafront home immediately caused anger among the public after local authorities allowed him to close off the Mirandole Beach, in Vallauris, for his private enjoyment. Saudi Arabian royals who annexed an entire public beach for their stay in the south of France have reportedly ordered local police not to allow female officers anywhere near them. More than 100,000 people have already signed a petition against billionaire King Salman and his entourage having Mirandole Beach, in Vallauris, between Cannes and Antibes, to themselves. And yesterday, demonstrators - including nude swimmers - made their feelings known during a protest. Now the police are furious, suggesting the visitors from the repressive Middle Eastern state do not believe in equal rights. ‘We’re the victims of discrimination,’ said one police source. Sylvain Martinache, a police union spokesman, said: ‘Is it because the king and his guests don’t want to see women guarding them, or is it because they want to bathe out of view of any women? ‘It’s quite shocking. But it’s diplomacy. There are around 1,000 people in this villa every evening. It’s great for the local economy.’