Palestinian Resistance Movement Hamas has downplayed the importance of the bombings that hit six vehicles belonging to the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip early this week, Quds Press reported.Speaking to Quds Press, Hamas spokesman Salah Al - Bardaweel said that investigations into the bombings are underway, but he reiterated that the Israeli occupation and the Palestinian Authority(PA) were involved in the bombings. " The bombings came in the wake of the announcement of intelligence information about a successful defensive attack on the Israeli occupation, as well as in the wake of Hamas - Saudi rapprochement, " Al - Bardaweel said.Recommended:Hamas, Islamic Jihad leaders targeted by ISIS car bombs He stressed that both these developments have intimidated Israel and the PA, noting that his movement has videotaped confessions from PA officers claiming responsibility for previous bombings in the Gaza Strip. Regarding the effects of the bombings on the internal front and the Palestinian resistance, Al-Bardaweel said: "Most people in Gaza have not heard about the bombings and everything is going on normally. Such 'fireworks' do not affect resistance, which people remain confident in."