Pro - Saudi fighters and army units backed by Yemen ' s exiled government have taken control of Tawahi, the last district of central Aden still held by the Houthi militia, a spokesman for the fighters said on Monday. The fighters, aided by a Saudi-led coalition, broke months of stalemate in Aden last week by suddenly seizing the airport and advancing into other parts of the port city held by the Houthis and Yemeni people, Reuters reported. Fighters from the Southern Resistance, which wants the former state of south Yemen to break from the north after 25 years of unification, entered Tawahi, at the tip of Aden's peninsula, late on Sunday after securing the Crater district. They took control of the television and radio buildings, and army and security bases in violent fighting, the group's spokesman Ali al-Ahmadi said. There is no news on the number of death and casualty caused yet.