Muslim Press - More than 120 boys were each given a doll and a sword and were told by ISIS trainers to cut off its head.Iraqi children had been shown videos of beheadings and told by their trainers - ISIS takfiri terrorists - that they would all behead infidels someday. Among all the boys who were abducted from Iraq ' s Yazidi religious minority, a 14 - year - old said he could not cut ir right. he tried a few times.Recommended:ISIS blows up baby to practice booby - trapping “Then they taught me how to hold the sword, and they told me how to hit. They told me it was the head of the infidels,” the boy, who was renamed Yahya by his ISIS captors, said last week in northern Iraq, after escaping the ISIS training camp. ISIS takfiri terrorists gained control of Yazidi towns in northern Iraq last year. they killed older men and enslaved women and girls. Many of the young Yazidi boys like Yahya had a different destiny: ISIS took them into its camps and tried to re-educate them. They forced them to convert and turn into fighters.