Thousands of people in Honduras have taken to the streets of the capital, Tegucigalpa, to once again voice their anger at corruption allegations against the government of President Juan Orlando Hernandez. The Friday protest march was the latest in a series of rallies demanding a probe into the scandal involving a purported multi-million-dollar embezzlement of the nation’s social security funds by the president, with part of the money said to have been used to finance the ruling political party, PressTV reported. The massive demonstration came as two separate protest rallies came together near the country’s presidential palace, where numerous hunger striking protesters, who have become known as “indignados” or ‘the indignant ones,’ have been camped out in tents. A number of protesters carried torches, as others held banners depicting Hernandez in a prison uniform under the word “corrupt.” “Get out JOH!” the protesters shouted out during the Friday’s march, using the initials of the nation’s president.