Hezbollah fighters and Syrian army troops took control on Sunday over the Al - Zallah neighborhood and the related farms in south of Zabadani city, 50 Kilometers northwest of Damascus.The control was achieved after the terrorist groups operating in the area escaped as several of them were killed and wounded, Al - Manar TV correspondent to Syria reported. Hezbollah and army units continued their progress west of the city from Al - Zahra neighborhood following their control over the castle found in the area. The Islamic Resistance of Hezbollah - - along with the Syrian national military - - launched a special operation against a camp for Al - Nusra Front takfiri group - Al - Qaeda branch in Syria, at the top of Bludan tower.Recommended:Hezbollah strikes ISIS base in Syrian border The operation destroyed one Al-Nusra tank and a vehicle equipped with 23 mm machine gun. It also left killed and wounded gunmen among al-Nusra garrison. Hezbollah fighters and the Syrian national military are engaged in a wide-scale military campaign against the takfiri groups operating across Syria. Cleansing operations included so far Arsal barrens, Qalamoun region and Zabadani city. Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah pledged to eliminate every terrorist group that threatens Lebanon's security, but noted that the time period of the operation can be only determined by commanders on the ground.