While it was planned to send the third Humanitarian aid ship to Gaza, Israel’s defense minister denied any crisis in Gaza and declared the country’s disagreement with the aid. Defense Minister, Moshe Ya’alon denied the Gaza Strip is mired in a humanitarian crisis, hours after the Israel Navy intercepted a boat that was heading to the coastal enclave in a failed attempt to break the Israeli naval blockade. “There is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza,” Ya’alon told reporters. “Seven hundred trucks enter the Strip every day.” The statement came while fresh news on death toll is seen in different media. The latest surveys by Human Right Organizations show that lack of drinking water, electricity and food is bothering people in Gaza strip and bomb attacks kill civilians in the area every day. The Marianne of Gothenburg ship, the defense minister argued, was just “provocation,” and it was not an honest attempt to help the people living in the Gaza Strip. “There was no aid on board,” Ya’alon stated. This is while UN observers had proved the helping purpose of the ship. Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip does not hinder the entrance of aid, Ya’alon said, adding that the purpose of the blockade is to prevent arms-smuggling to Gaza terror organizations. Although this could be a claim by any other politician in Ya’alon’s position, but his statement came while everyone in the world is feeling the crisis in Gaza and there are facts that children are being killed in Gaza by Israeli forces.