Muslim Press - US jets have once again targeted Iraqi Shia militias, who are fighting Daesh(ISIS), instead of targeting ISIS sites.The majority of Iraqi Shia militias believe that the US military jets are deliberately targeting their forces in the battlefield, meanwhile, the US claims to have targeted Shia militias by mistake. The Iraqi Shia militias, including Asaib Ahl al - Haq, Kataib Hezballah - Iraq and Badr Organisation are considered as the backbone of the Popular Mobilization that is fighting ISIS.Recommended:Sunnis against Shias, Israel’s ultimate plan for the Middle EastDuring the previous months, a number of airstrikes carried out by the US - led coalition targeted several Iraqi military units and Popular Mobilization fighters that were fighting ISIS on the front lines in Salahudeen and Anbar province over the last six months. " We have a problem within the command and control system with the coalition forces and this has been causing a bug in coordination regarding the airstrikes, " a senior Iraqi military officer who declined to be named because of not being authorized to talk to the media said. " These mistakes(strikes against the Iraqi forces and Shia militias) were repeated many times in several areas. At the end of last year, more than 50 Shia fighters from the Popular Mobilization forces were killed in an area near Balad(70 km north of Baghdad), " he added.Recommended:Biggest strike against ISIS takes place without American aid The Iraqi Shia militias’ mistrust towards American policies has been growing rapidly since the rise of ISIS. "We will never, ever participating in a military operation (against ISIS terrorists) with the Americans. Not working or fighting alongside the US forces is one of our principles as an Islamic Resistance orgaization," Jawad al-Telebawi, the spokesperson of Asaib Ahl al-Haq, a prominent Shia militia, said. "We cannot believe that despite the high quality of technology which is owned by the US-led coalition, their aircraft mistakenly and frequently struck our troops. It was obvious that they were interfering in favor of Daesh,” Telebawi added while using the Arabic word for ISIS.