Muslim Press - Palestinian prisoner Khader Adnan ended his 56 - day hunger strike on Sunday after Israeli authorities agreed to release him, his lawyer announced.Adnan has been in prison for a year without charge under administrative detention, and his case has been of great controversy in the occupied territories.Recommended:Palestinian captives vow to continue hunger strikeHuman Right activists had recently expressed their concerns and warned that he could die at any moment. He ended his hunger strike on Sunday evening, after Israeli authorities agreed to release him on July 12, his lawyer Jawad Boulos said. “The doctors at the hospital he was in were considering ways to start feeding him, ” he added. The Palestinian Prisoners Club has also confirmed that Adnan had broken his hunger strike.Recommended:Palestinian prisoners suspend hunger strike Adnan and hundreds of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank were arrested after the murder of three Israeli settlers. Last week, the Palestinian leadership submitted a report to the International Criminal Court that included the treatment of Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli jails.