For the first time in Turkey ' s political history, 21 female deputies were able to take the parliamentary oaths while wearing the headscarf, Middle East Eye reported.During Tuesday’s oath - swearing ceremony, 18 representatives from the centre - right Justice and Development Party(AKP), along with three other representatives from the leftist pro - Kurdish Peoples ' Democracy Party(HDP), were seen donning the headscarf. A total of 96 women won seats in Turkey’s Grand National Assembly in the 7 June elections, bringing the proportion of female deputies to a historic high of 17 percent, compared with 14 percent after the 2011 elections. Much of the attention has concentrated on the tale of former deputy Merve Kavakci and her sister Ravza Kavakci Kan.Recommended:Muslim women on wearing the hijab in EuropeKavakcı was the first headscarf - wearer to attempt to take up her position in parliament in 1999 but her move drew harsh responses from Democratic Left Party(DSP) deputies who insisted “she get out” at the time and prevented her from taking the oath. Sixteen years later, her sister Kavakci Kan attempted to level that incident by entering parliament while wearing the same headscarf her sister had worn when she stood up to take her oath, only to be booed down.