After about three months of aggression against Yemen, Saudi Arabia makes its best to win the war. Although a number of countries in the region strongly support Saudi-led aggression, it has not yet achieved any of its stated goals, and the battle has spread out over the soil of Saudi Arabia. Besides, Ansarullah and Yemeni army have entered Saudi territory and have wrested control over a number of military bases. Recommended:Saudi Arabia’s Game of Thrones in YemenTo decide the fate of war, Saudi Arabia has chosen a new approach. Based on what Iraqis and Pakistanis informed sources have stated, Saudi Arabia has announced that all the groups and movements in neighboring countries which support the Saudi regime are obliged to back up Saudi Arabia in the war against Yemen and send their troops into the country. It has also announced that in the absence of response from the groups and movements, Saudi Arabia will cut off financial aid to their political, military and cultural activities. Saudi Arabia made this request for many reasons that some of them are as follow: 1. The request of Saudi king shows there are close relations between Saudi Arabia and extremist Takfiri groups of the region. It should be noted that Saudi Arabia has a long history of collaboration with terrorist groups. According to the revelations made by WikiLeaks in late 2010, the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton had reiterated that " wealthy Saudis are a major source of support for terrorist groups round the world. " 2. The request of the Saudi king, after about three months of the invasion of Yemen, well indicates that Saudis have desperately failed to achieve any significant gains. Not achieving tangible results, the Saudis are frustrated and have realized that their daily airstrikes against Yemen will not restore the pride of Saudi Arabia; therefore, They has no choice but to start a ground attack. That ' s why they have turned to extremist groups. 3. If Saudi army was competent enough to win the war, Saudi Arabia would not have asked for help from terrorist groups and extremist movements. Therefore, the Saudi king ' s request reveals that Saudi Arabia ' s ground forces suffer from major weaknesses that make it incompetent for the mission, as during this war Saudi troops fled from their bases; Besides, Yemeni National Guard troops have seized control over a number of military bases in Saudi Arabia. 4. Countries that have participated in Saudi - led aggression against Yemen know that the ground attack against grassroots groups and the Yemeni army is very difficult; therefore, they refrain from helping the Saudi ground attacks. 5. The most important factors that made Yemenis stand against Saudi aggression was their unity. Yemeni tribes, Ansarullah and the army of the country all stand united against Saudi Arabia, and this is what has created tough challenges for Saudi Arabia. The benefits of using terrorist groups and extremist movements for Saudi Arabia could be explained in two points: first, these groups seek to undermine the national unity of Yemen; second, these groups intend to launch ground attacks in Yemen on behalf of Saudi Arabia, while receiving support from the Saudis.Recommended:Sunnis against Shias - Israel’s ultimate plan for the Middle EastKing Salman ' s decision to make extremist groups intervene in the affairs of other countries revealed the frustration of Saudis ambitions in getting out of Yemen crisis. As a result, the Saudi regime is seeking to make use of extremist groups rather than its army. However, this will not change anything as the Yemenis, despite the persisting Saudi airstrikes, have won dramatic gains in the fights against the Saudi - backed branch of al - Qaeda terrorist group in Yemen.This article was first published in Alwaght.