Muslim Press - Taliban terrorists had gained control over a restive district in Afghanistan ' s eastern province of Nuristan.According to reports, Taliban terrorists captured the district of Waygal on Frifay, after two days of fighting with the country ' s security forces. A number of Afghan forces were reportedly injured and killed. Government forces had to retreat from the are after not receiving any backups, local officials said. Reports also said that the Taliban had also took control over 16 checkpoints around Waygal. Over the past few years, the area had been suffering the same brutal clashes.Read Also:At least 84 children killed in Taliban attack on Pakistan school A few weeks ago, the terrorists captured the districts of Chardarah and Dashti Archi in Kunduz province. However, government troops were able to retake Chadrah just a few days later. Since the began their annual so-called spring offensive in late April, Taliban fighters had increased the degree and number of their terrorist attacks against government and civilian targets.