After WikiLeaks exposed some evidence on U. S spying on French Presidents, Barak Obama, U. S President said America has never spied on France. US President Barack Obama has assured his French counterpart Francois Hollande that Washington was not tapping his communications, the White House says. The American and French presidents spoke by phone on Wednesday, following a WikiLeaks report claiming that the US had been spying on three French leaders from 2006 until 2012. That report prompted an emergency meeting with key heads of intelligence and ministers in Paris, and the summoning of US ambassador for explanations. After the emergency meeting, Hollande released a statement saying that the spying is “unacceptable” and “France will not tolerate it.” He then called Obama to talk the matter over. In the phone call, Obama “reiterated that we have abided by the commitment we made to our French counterparts in late 2013 that we are not targeting and will not target the communications of the French president,” the White House said in a statement. This is while, French parliament has passed a new law against spying and will discuss about it today (on Thursday).